Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Anniversary (1968)

Mrs. Taggart: My dear, would you mind sitting somewhere else? Body odor offends me.

I had the best shower ever last night, yes the bathroom is almost done. The fitter is up there right now doing da biznizz.
I also watched a rather nice and out of genre Hammer Movie called “The Anniversary” starring a little known actress, some bird called Bette Davis.

vlcsnap-2015-06-03-09h37m55s229 I say out of genre because it certainly isn’t a horror despite her behaviour. The Anniversary is a drama/comedy based on a stage play and its thespian roots truly do shine through. Like all great movies it is a character driven masterpiece revolving around Bettes cruel manipulation of her three children, all desperate to release themselves from her well tied apronstrings.
vlcsnap-2015-06-03-09h38m27s39The youngest, Tom, is getting married to his pregnant fiancĂ©… if he isn't talked out of it.
The middle “child” Terry plans to emigrate to Canada with his wife and 6 kids… maybe.
The oldest is Henry, he is resigned to his fate, to live with his mother and steal ladies underwear to wear.
Every year Mrs Taggart celebrates her Anniversary, even though her husband is long dead, its a great chance to meet up with her boys and bring them closer to her manipulative bosom.
Its great fun to watch despite its mildness as a comedy as the twists and turns of her manipulation are glorious and her cold hearted “love” is a joy to behold. I heartily recommend this movie as a great timewaster.
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