Friday, 21 November 2014

Zombeavers (2014)

Next on our list of the greatest movies of all time is Zombeavers, the chilling story of…nah just kidding, its a schlock horror.


Zombeavers is a throwback to the campy terrible 80s horror movies like Ghoulies and Creepazoids. FIlms made on a low budget by passionate people that just wanted to give. Its a ludicrous idea and a hackneyed premise (horny teens on vacation) so must be terrible right?


Well actually it was alright. Not great, not classic but alright in the same way I found Piranha 3D alright. Its self aware of it silliness and the acting is remarkably good. Effects are fine but the reliance on CGI in some long shots is less then effective, in fact if they had stuck to purely practical than the overall effect would have been far better. Zombeavers is definitely a polariser and I can see old schoolers like myself raised on the likes of Jason and Freddie enjoying it far more then the CGI spoiled brats of the Noughties.

Beaver on Beaver action

However the movie does have its flaws. It struggles to maintain steam after a while but does manage to pick up and limp to a quite nice and funny bookend of a conclusion and the aforementioned CGI is awful in the (thankfully) small amounts it appears. Model work is obvious but not terrible, after all Zombie Beavers!

The movie is available on the UK version of and on DVD/Blueray throughout most of Europe but oddly it looks like the US have to wait for a cinematic release!

Watch it, its a nice time-passer.

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