Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Quatermass and the Pit (1967)

Well here's an oddity. I don’t mean the film I mean this review. After nearly a year I am actually writing a non top 50 review. Well I couldn’t let the Hammer reviews fade could I?

shot0006Well here’s an oddity. Straying from the horror staple into Sci-Fi this remake of an earlier BBC serial is a film I fondly remember however on reviewing I find it quite dull. Perhaps its the flush of first horrors that give me such warm memories or that I cant accept what seems to be rather odd pacing.

The movie tells the tale of an alien spacecraft found during the renovation of a London tube station and the threat it still holds even after being buried for thousands of years. It is well filmed and acted but the build up to actually finding anything takes an age, then the film feels like it ends until the finale where all hell (almost literally) breaks loose. shot0008

The finale of the movie when it occurs is excellent but it feels like a real slog to get there.

Its worth a look if you haven't seen it but oddly isn't the classic flick I remember from my (mis-spent) youth.

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