Saturday, 20 September 2014

BFI Top 50: No. 42d Gertrud (1964)

In 2012 the BFI (British Film Institute) published what, in the experts opinion, are the greatest Movies of all time.

42d Gertrud

shot0001I am starting to wonder just how far up their own arses the BFI actually are. The clip above (don't forget to turn the subs on) perfectly illustrates the entire movie. A person (normally Gertrud but they all do it) gazes into the middle distance wistfully spouting some archaic romance and “need” bullshit. Then positions will move and they will say more. There IS a story of such about how Gertrud is bored with her husband so wants another man who she gets bored with so wants another man. I am not sure how it ends because I binned it.

Yes I failed to watch another one of the greatest 50 movies ever made….

This is another Art House classic that is actually very, very shit.

RATINGS (at the time of publishing)shot0002

IMDB rates this at a stupidly high 7.6 probably because the raters are all pretentious pratts. 2 from me.
Rotten Tomatoes gives it an equally high 78%. I think they missed the maggots. 20%.
Here is the BFI page for the movie.

I note the next on the list is a mainstream movie. Thank fuck.

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