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IMDB top 50 No. 46 “The Departed” (2006)

In 2012 the BFI (British Film Institute) published a list of what, in the experts opinion, are the greatest Movies of all time. They were generally bad.

Here is the comparable IMDB list…. (list generated on 9/7/2014)


Number 46: The Departed

Martin Scorsese. Need I say more. The Departed is Scorseses take on the undercover cop with the added spin of an undercover gangster. Lets watch the trailer…

The Departed is a slickly written and directed tale as we would expect from Martin Scorsese. It boasts quite the roster of names including Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ray Winstone, Alec Baldwin… well you get the idea. shot0013

The movie sets a fantastic pace and is tense and exciting at all the right places. I would class it as a must watch and a fantastic movie.

But its not a top 50

I am sorry but the accents and twisted plot derail it somewhat for me. Its a great movie, a great watch but if i had to choose my top 50 (which I do) it wouldn't be there… and it won’t be.

On that down note… get a copy.

RATINGS (at the time of publishing)shot0015

IMDB users rate The Departed at a Borstornian 8.5 and I do not disagree.

Rotten Tomatoes hands the stoolie a well deserved 92%.

It feels churlish to deny such an undeniably good film a place on the hallowed list. But a line must be drawn and The Departed missed it by a fingernail.



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