Saturday, 19 July 2014

IMDB top 50 No. 48 “Back to the Future” (1985)

In 2012 the BFI (British Film Institute) polled 846 critics, programmers, academics and distributors to update their list of what, in the experts opinion, are the greatest Movies of all time (to date).

In 2014 I decided to watch them.

4 films in I discovered they were artistic pieces that the common man would generally detest. Hence this “fun list” (list generated on 9/7/2014)

Number 48: Back to the Future

I was fully ready to ruffle feathers with this one, after all surely this and Star Wars, 2001 etc. should be a shoe in for inclusion. I wasn’t so sure and did not include the movie in my personal list. This was a deliberate decision, something in me honestly decided it wasn't worthy.

vlcsnap-2014-07-19-14h08m22s169Why? On watching with a critical eye it is clear that there actually isn't much in Back to the Future that warrants such prejudice. The film is actually a fantastic romp and a very original take on time travel. The plot has its holes (and they are already large without the addition of the following instalments) but the acting is superb and style fantastic.

About halfway through something snapped. My mind rebelled and you know what? Goddamnit it DOES deserve its place on the list. Please set a place for Back to the Future, it is joining our party.

vlcsnap-2014-07-19-14h25m46s114RATINGS (at the time of publishing)

IMDB users rate Back to the Future at a respectful 8.5 and I do not disagree.

Rotten Tomatoes loves it at 96% which is a little fresh 89% will do

The project was intended to make me think about movies both familiar and unknown. I didn't expect to revaluate something I thought I knew so well.



I don't think the next film will be a mind changer however good it is…

You can watch Back to the Future on YouTube (dependant on region) for a small fee.

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