Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Reptile (1966)



Who would have thought that after starting up the blog again I would fail for words so quickly. Well, by jingo, I fear that I have.

Its not that the reptile is a bad film, its not that its good either. It is firmly meh. Plot twists that are so obvious that they are barely twists a pedestrian storyline and a cast of several all join to make the Reptile look cheap and nasty. This is clearly a Hammer space filler in the “we need a monster” category.


Lazy plotting leaves the sinister reveal to be a scene of clumsy exposition which would be OK if the exposition really made any sense. To be honest I am more confused then ever now. Lets not, however, confuse confusion with clever storytelling. No this confusion is a confusion caused but plot holes and lack of information leaving a confusing mess of confusion and confustications which can only be imparted by confusing using confuse too much and even confusticating new confusing confustions of confuse. Even down to using word that probably don’t exist.

Yes that IS Servelan

If it had been night-time I would have slept through this film, so, gentle reader. Do not bother unless you are an insomniac…

Paul out…

Yes they are ALL DOOOOOMED

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