Sunday, 13 October 2013

Puppet Master 4: The Demon (1993)

The magic that gives my puppets life was stolen from a tribe of ancient, Egyptian sorcerers, who pledged their allegiance to the demon lord, Zutek.

The law of diminishing returns surely applies for sequels and certainly does here. This 4th instalment of the Puppet Master story appears to be mainly geared for the introduction of a new Puppet Master, considering Toulon is several times dead I suppose this is sensible.


It is severely lacking in any kind of panache. There is little in the way of plot and the titular Demon is laughably poor in its execution. Acting is dire and effects range from effective to z-movie. Far more importantly is the poor use of the Puppets which tend to stand around and laugh. A great example of straight to video.

Give this one a miss, its for the completest only.

Paul out…


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