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Guinea Pig 6: Mermaid in a Manhole (Ginî piggu: Manhôru no naka no ningyo) (1988)

Warning, the following article will contain gory images. Do not fear however as they have been rendered Facebook friendly by the application of nudity stickers. After all who would want to see nipples…it could scar you for life.

For those unfamiliar with the Guinea Pig movies they generally follow an experimental extreme gore theme. This attempts to push the boundaries of acceptability and taste. For example the first film involved the kidnap and torture of a woman (hence the on-going name “Guinea Pig”)vlcsnap-00004

This outing told the story of a struggling art teacher who, obsessed with a sewer that had formally been a river, finds an ill mermaid and returns her to his house to care for her. This is an excuse for firstly some nudity and secondly some increasingly extreme body horror with a steadily growing proliferation of pus filled tumours growing upon the mermaids body. vlcsnap-00007

The film makes very little narrative sense and artistically is also rather dull with plenty of shots of our sweat faced protagonist agonising over one thing or another. Several scenes are very disturbing using effective revulsion techniques. For example the vomiting of a large number of worms and other slimy things.

vlcsnap-00011Eventually the Mermaid begs him to kill her which he does leading to the “twist”.

As an excursion into the extreme the film is of marginal interest but it is severely lacking the humour that the previous outing injected into the whole thing and thus feels like an attempt to shock. For those of us that have seen the previous films this isn't happening.

vlcsnap-00009Guinea Pig 6 occupies the bizarre torture,gore porn niche and top that end I could only really recommend it to sadists and weirdo's. However should someone ever mention it to you you can now say with authority “That's not really my thing mate”

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