Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Blindness (2008)

Shut up. Shut up. He's blind. That's all. That doesn't make him good or bad! That just makes him blind. And now, he's blind with a purpose. Because he's looking out for the sick and the hungry of his own ward.

A relatively low budget and low profile movie, Blindness takes a simple concept and produces an initially light movie that slowly descends to darkness. A harrowing journey through isolation and the loss of power through senses.
White Blindness strikes suddenly with the sufferer suddenly going sightless with just a milky screen of light in their eyes. There are no physical signs but one thing becomes apparent, it is catching. Panicked the, deliberately vague, Government take rapid steps to isolate sufferer initially placing the blind in an abandoned sanatorium.
The society goes from ordered but scared to overcrowded, terrified and predatory very quickly with the less ethical of the sufferers taking the opportunity to prosper, or given the lack of food and Government support, survive. Demands for tribute go from goods to services and the rape scene while hidden mainly in the dark is hugely harrowing.

Blindness is a fantastically stylish movie with a great use of focus and exposure to import the feeling of loss that the film portrays. The Movie cleverly changes in tone and colour going from a very stark and white initialisation and becoming progressively darker as we descend into darkness both physically and mentally.

Blindness is a very harrowing film but excellently envisioned with pivotal performances from Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore and Danny Glover holding together a great little detour of a movie.


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