Thursday, 1 August 2013

Private Resort (1985)

You are not dreaming, this is real. I felt for a very long time that watching movies to review was becoming a chore. Well now I feel that it may be fun to start up again, at least in a small way. So, for now, R @ R is back…

This is a very early outing for a young Rob Morrow and another guy called Depp. I wonder what happened to him?vlcsnap-2013-08-01-22h08m53s113

Private resort is incredibly generic as 80s sex comedies go. It has lashings of hot babes (and guys if that's your thing), sexual assaults, stereotypes, racism, date rape drugs and an above average for the era nudity count. This all combines to make Private Resort surprisingly fun.


Yes as 80s sex movies go this is a good one, never the height of drama anyone expecting riveting plotlines and taught situations is in the wrong place. If however you would rather see lots of semi clad babes, Johnny Depps arse and some really very nice boobs then this is well worth a look. If, like me, you are looking for some mindless eye candy to pass an hour or so then you really wont go to badly wrong with this one.

Watch Private resort for free on youtube HERE (add supported Crackle stream)


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