Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Nanny (1965)

She takes care of my mom, she used to take care of me and my sister Susie, until Susie was killed.

Back to a traditional review today, a break from gurning at the camera and destroying perfectly good playthings on’t web.

Lets start with a typically TERRIBLE trailer that doesn’t really reflect the movie at all!

A surprisingly good and well paced thriller Hammers 1965 movie “ The Nanny” stars Bette Davis as a family nanny clinging to her job. After the death of a child in her care seemingly at the hands of an older brother he is institutionalised. Upon coming out the dynamic between Nanny and Joey is extremely strained, he doesn't trust her and she seems hurt by the but acts professionally distant.


Of course it is apparent that there is an underlying plot here and it is transparently obvious that the story of the child's death isn’t quite as reported. Here could be a downfall of the plot as there is no real line in the way of twists and the story is as pedestrian as any 2 line synopses would imply. Yes the boy is innocent, yes The Nanny was the cause of his sisters death, however the film is so well filmed paced and overall acted that this does not matter. Bette Davis is a joy to watch and young William Dix as Joey shows such youthful acting talent that his IMDB page seems unfairly empty. Add to this an excellently portrayed and precocious upstairs neighbour and you have an acting team that can bring belief to even and upper class ensemble such as this. The “jolly hockysticks, stiff upper lip” characters seem perfectly natural and believable.

The Nanny is a British thriller gem that stands so well on the strength of its set, acting and cinematography. Hammer may be famous for their gore filled and colourful monster movies but their black and white thrillers are a joy to behold. vlcsnap-2013-03-24-21h27m41s46

Don't get me wrong, this review makes The Nanny sound great. It isn’t. It is however solid and well worth spending an evening with. Seek it out and waste an hour or son on a lonely and snowy spring night (yes it is snowing in March).

Paul Out…

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