Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Doctor Who and The Silurians (Series 7 Story 2)


After what seems like forever we continue our foray into the world of Who with the oddly titled Doctor Who and the Silurians, he only time that the titular Doctor is mention in a story name.

I remembered this one fondly mainly because it was one of the re-colourised stories so had seen some care placed on it. On this viewing however I struggled as it really did seem to last forever and the Silurians that I had previously viewed as excellent actually seem rather silly. Perhaps the speed of the new iteration of the show is spoiling the past for me or perhaps the story was never as good as i remember.

Full of great concepts but with a terrible pace the story is definitely a case of OK but could have been great.

Next: The Ambassadors of Death… and a mystery Guest (well its actually Jessica returning to the fray at her own request…how long will she last?)

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