Monday, 14 January 2013

Spearhead From Space (Doctor Who Series 7 Story 1)


I guess this is a favourite of Russell T Davis, it will seem awfully familiar to many because of this.

When the show was resumed in 2005 The Autons were chosen as the villains for “Rose” and many of the scenes have been lifted directly from “Spearhead from Space” mainly because they were downright iconic. My middle child even said while watching “Did they do this again?” Spearhead is a great start to the Pertwee era introducing the smart and slightly sarcastic Liz Shaw and Unit as a frame piece to the coming years. Rather slow at first and on reflection uneventful it still serves as a beautiful introduction to the latter day colour Doctor Who and is essential viewing to any passing fan of the show, modern or otherwise.

Paul Out…


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