Friday, 11 January 2013

Doctor Who: Troughtons last days, catchup special

I have been so lax with this and for that I can only apologise. To get back up to speed with the Who-athon here is a quick rundown of the missed stories so far.

The Krotons

Rather dull with some odd monsters, however a passable story.

The Seeds of Death

Very slow but a great use of the Transmat idea and teleportation.

The Space Pirates

What were they thinking? This nearly scuppered me. Particularly as it is largely missing and the recons in places were barely intelligable. Thank god I will never have to watch it again. Overblown scifi claptrap that is waaaay too ambitious.

The War Games

A fine end to the Troughton era and well deserving of 6 episodes. Sadly it is 10! Even so its a fantastic swansong.

So we finally enter the world of “BBC1: Colour” with Spearhead From Space and the scarecrow himself. Jon Pertwee.

Paul Out…

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