Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Tunnel (2011)

The Tunnel is quite an interesting project in that it was crowd source funded and released for free. That's right, this is a free movie. Does this mean it is cheap and nasty? No it doesn't. It certainly is no masterpiece but the acting is excellent and the budget restraints are hidden excellently. Although the Tunnel isn't a great movie it does manage to put big budget horrors to shame. In the realm of cost vs return it does pretty darn well.

The plot is a problem as it is the age old story of explorers in a tunnel. Filmed in first person for the majority of the film it manages to avoid too much shaky cam and looks wonderful. However the very fact that the survivors are presented in inserts makes the suspense very hard to maintain.

For an amateur movie The Tunnel is amazing, for a free film it is astounding. If it was given a cinema release then I would be far less enthused, however unlike many other films that ARE given a paid release it is far from crap.

Well worth a look.

Download The Tunnel legally for free from http://www.vodo.net/thetunnel or watch it on Youtube below

Paul Out

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