Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Mind Robber (Doctor Who Series 6 Story 2)

We obey our creator, that is all that can be expected of any character, unless the Master bids us otherwise.

This epic trek is teaching me things about Doctor Who that I would never have expected. If you had asked me “Is The Mind Robber any good” I would have replied with a decisive YES. However after watching again with a critical eye I will have to reassess that opinion.

Its a mess. The plot is a loosely interconnected web of ideas that (like the very similar Celestial Toymaker) very rarely manage to gel into any real contexts. It is surreal in places and sometime addresses some deep concepts but after all is said and done it just feels more like a filler then anything with a well padded and ultimately empty story.

Of course it does have THAT catsuit… Oh Wendy.


Coming up…. The Invasion

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