Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fury From the Deep (Doctor Who Series 5 Story 6)

Now this is more like it, despite the need for a reconstruction this story is a breath of fresh air with Doctor Who excelling in its tried and tested “Base Under Siege” formula. The story is genuinely unsettling and in places close to horrific. In particular the hideous Oak and Quill are disturbing to the extreme.

The plot is fairly simple and will be revisited several more time by other stories. In this case it is gas drilling that disturbs a seaweed based intelligence that… well tries to take over the world. The story is also notable in finding a use for Victoria and, although I thought I liked her, to be honest her departure at the end wasn’t too soon in coming. Her screaming did become tiresome. One other complaint is that at 6 episodes the story is really and truly overlong.

I wonder how many children begged their parents for countryside holidays following this one.

Coming Up….The Wheel in Space and the end of Series 5


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