Monday, 14 May 2012

Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

Do you know how Florentine women ensure their husbands come home? Every morning they slip him a slow poison, and every evening the antidote. That way, when the husband spends the night away, he has a very bad night.

This started off brilliantly with a very immersive and well shot intro, the cinematography is vivid and brave and this immediately hooked me…for about five minutes.vlcsnap-2012-05-13-21h22m37s122

We are suddenly shot into what I can only describe as a martial arts pre revolutionary epic. By epic I mean in the “takes bloody ages and is boring” context. The film has so many annoying plot holes and terrible characters that the storyline is totally lost however in a way this is good as it essentially revolves around the same subplot as Hot-Fuzz! Yes the whole village (almost) done it.

Rather then an artistic merging of the French Loup Garou legends with our more well known werewolf legends we instead get a story that very soon becomes tiresome and the slowmo and jump shots annoying. vlcsnap-2012-05-14-12h47m22s241

I think that the main problem I had with this one is that it didn't seem to go in any direction I would have said was a good story. It soon becomes quite obvious what is occurring and as it occurs over the space of months it is tedious to say the least, the fact that the Protagonist who's name I can only remember as Frou Frou or Fromage takes residence in a bawdy house and his prospective love interest doesn't hear about it is one of the minor plot absurdities. Another is the abandoning of a character for dead when you have a beast to feed them too and yet another a character that has pretended to have a missing arm for several years!!!!

Avoid this beautifully shot and atmospheric tosh.

Paul Out.vlcsnap-2012-05-14-13h00m16s41

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