Thursday, 19 April 2012

Guinea pig 5: The Android of Notre Dame (1989)

AKA The guinea pig 2: NĂ´toru Damu no andoroido

I wont try to explain the disparity in the numbering of the Guinea Pig series. In my reckoning this is the 5th one so its number 5. The numbering diverges as some are not acknowledged as Gui... you know what this tosh isn't worth analysing release numbers over.


GP5 starts in the now fairly familiar Guinea Pig style with an odd looking person imparting some kind of wisdom that is actually utter balderdash. We then segue awkwardly into a storyline that seems to revolve around a mad scientists midgets quest to find a cure for his sisters heart illness. All the while ignoring that she is fine with dying. Of course this wouldn't be Guinea Pig without gore and this is provided by the mysterious blackmailer/benefactor who give midget science bloke a nice fresh cadaver to work with. Suffice to say she is female and the focus seems to linger on the decidedly alive looking nipples however even smatterings of (decidedly poor) nudity cannot save this indescribably shite movie.

Of course the strength of the Guinea Pig films is on the gore rather than the nudity. Again we are far from the realistic work of the earlier films, here the rubber skin looks and acts like the rubber it is. The blood is good and well depicted but all else is utter excrement.vlcsnap-2012-04-19-11h46m36s213

I am now watching this terrible series simply for completeness and it has taken such a strong adherence to the principles of my blog to even get me writing this review.

Avoid this utter crap.

Paul Out.... How did I do Jon?

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