Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Evil of Frankenstein (1964)

Why can't they leave me alone? Why can't they ever leave me alone?

The Evil of Frankenstein starts off at a rollicking pace with Bodysnatching and henchmen, body parts and blood. There are sparks and liquids and it is oh so glorious. Frankenstein in his latest lab is discovered and has to flee with his new acolyte. Where does he flee but to none other than Karlstadt from whence he was exiled…wait hang on. He wasn't exiled but sentenced to death… hmmmm.vlcsnap-2012-04-04-19h18m39s45

OK where were we. They return to the Chateau Frankenstein which has been totally ransacked and The Baron explains how he created the first monster which is…. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT. The creature is awful with a head that looks to be fashioned from a shoebox and paper mache. Here look…vlcsnap-2012-04-04-20h12m08s137

So we are retooling the story are we? The Baron was just exiled and the monster not dissolved in a vat of acid. Did I mention WHAT THE FUCKS THAT. This could work i suppose, after all the Baron is smart and wouldn't expose himself to his enemies in the pub. Oh FFS, oh and did I mention just how bad the monster was? I hope the new one looks more like Christopher Lees makeup. You know, this one.

Ohhhhh frozen in a glacier eh…aw hell. Well as long as they don’t write in some bollocks about hypnotism then we will be fine. WHAT THE FUCK.

OK I’ve had it with this. Bad film, changes lore, crap monster, terrible plot, don’t bother. Poor Peter to be saddled with this shite. He, at least, shines.


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