Friday, 30 March 2012

The Ice Warriors (Doctor Who Series 5 Story 3)

See. It is working. Zondal is coming to life. Zondal... Zondal... Zondal...

I am heading into the hardest section of Who watching in the world. I speak of nothing less than the virtually entirely missing series 5. Imagine my excitement when I found that The Ice Warriors is largely intact… It’s a shame it is so DAMN DULL.

It creeps at the same pace as the often mentioned glaciers. Like a soporific version of The Thing on Valium the pace manages to fall behind that of  a dying tortoise. When things are happening you don’t know what is happening because you honestly cannot understand a word that the computer or Ice Warriors say. Add to this the fact that essentially the plot is 3 hours of a control room or a alien bridge with serious debates about ions …and stuff. Much of which you will struggle to hear et alone understand and you have a truly dire story.

Raising this above the pit of total crapulence is the presence of two Peters, Sallis is OK as Penly but I still expect him to say Cracking. Peter Barkworth is a fantastic Leader Klent. Of other note is the presence of Carry Ons Bernard Bresslaw, however as he is covered head to foot in the , admittedly good, Ice Warrior outfit he doesn't really stand out!

I really didn’t take to this at all.

Coming Up…The enemy of the world.vlcsnap-2012-03-30-18h40m04s244

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