Monday, 13 February 2012

These Are the Damned (1963) (The Damned: US title)

I'm strange, all right! I'll show you just how strange I am!

What a horrendously slow, ponderous and overblown film. The Damned tells a very simple sci-fi story very slowly and very dully. The choice of a hero who will be a love interest to a women 30 years his junior is bizarre and skin creepingly odd. Add to this the really odd plot involving radioactive kids and Teddy Boys with unhealthy sister fixations (but that's ok because the sister has a thing for father figures) and you have an unhealthily watchable film. Every dialogue, every action is laboured and dreadfully portrayed and the film is a chore to endure.

Its not all bad. Ollie Reed turns in a great gang leader portrayal and the Teddy Boys, while not exuding particular menace are interesting to see. The location of Weymouth was fascinating also, given that I have holidayed there. vlcsnap-2012-02-13-20h33m09s74

As a period treatise on gang culture The Damned fails, as a Sci-Fi warning The Damned fails and as a Cold War paranoia piece The Damned fails. Essentially this film has no hook for todays audience and is a relic of its time. Avoid, it hasn't aged well at all.

Paul Out…

My skin is STILL crawling from watching a man force a kiss upon a woman who is genuinely young enough to be his daughter within hours of meeting her.


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