Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kiss of the Vampire (1963)

When the devil attacks a man or woman with this foul disease of the vampire the unfortunate human being can do one of two things. Either he can seek God through the church and pray for absolution or he can persuade himself that his filthy perversion is some kind of new and wonderful experience to be shared by the favoured few. Then he tries to persuade others to join his new cult.

Initially a hugely promising film, Kiss of the Vampire is truly sumptuous to behold with the Eastman Colour bursting from the screen and the sound and score wonderfully apt. The acting is sublime and mostly impeccably cast. vlcsnap-2012-02-15-18h51m55s103

Its intriguing to see a vampire movie that strays away from Dracula, it appears that these ones may not be averse to sunlight, a spade is as effective as a stake and the supernatural abilities are toned down immensely. However this does lead to my fist issue with the film. Its very weak with its lore and how the vampirism works, exactly who ARE vampire and how the cult works are never adequately explained.

My second issue is far more damaging. The film does so well up to around halfway. What had, up to then, been a well crafted plot falls entirely to pieces and revolves around nothing more than a harmless ritual and a truly impact less ending. There is no climactic fight, no face between good and evil and no threat. In fact no need to even be anywhere near the vampire nest. vlcsnap-2012-02-15-19h13m31s14

I finished the film feeling truly cheated and unfulfilled. Watch for the style and the panache, turn off once the vampire hunter and Gerald team up, it doesn’t end well.

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