Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence

Warning: This film is extremely gory and explicit in its execution. Please do not read ahead, or watch the trailer unless you are fine with this. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Tom Sixes "The Human Centipede" was a terrible film, poorly made and drowning in schlock, lacking realism and aiming for a comedic hit that never came. How can part 2 follow that? Well oddly enough it isn't worse, not a great testament to be honest as it would struggle to be any poorer. What did strike me about the film, however, were its good points, of which there were several.

Casting was excellent with everybody fitting perfectly in the role with the lead role of Martin being brilliantly and eerily portrayed by Laurence R. Harvey. There is very little dialogue which gives an off kilter feel to the film. This is also a blessing as the script that there is is terrible. The decision to portray the film in monochrome also adds a certain degree of depth to it giving it an arty feel that it doesn't really deserve but fixing the risk of fake gore ruining the illusion.vlcsnap-2012-01-21-21h35m37s7

I found myself enjoying this one to a degree, certainly it is far superior to the first film, it feels far more realistic and the decision to set the film in the UK made it refreshingly “local”. The presence of a handgun and Martins ability to lure Hollywood stars to the UK seems bizarre but I feel this is addressed in what IMDB users seem to think is an ambiguous ending. vlcsnap-2012-01-21-22h24m04s147

The film IS terrible however as it falls into that genre of sick torture porn that seem to exist simply to illicit thrills from sickos. It is unremitting, gory and disturbing leaving no subject unexplored (the film has to star the youngest death in any movie i have ever seen) and to this end I couldn't possibly recommend it as an enjoyable film. The problem is that it also isn't tosh. It’s a reasonably well done film with a fair plot and half decent acting (apart from the lead who is honestly stunning). I have slept on this review and I still have to conclude…. I don't know if I like, hate, revile or applaud it.

If you have a (very) strong stomach then take a look. Its head and shoulders above the first.

Paul Out…



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