Friday, 20 January 2012

Hostel: Part 3

So here we are. A straight to DVD sequel of a pallid sequel of an OK film. Can Part 3 resurrect the glory of gore? vlcsnap-2012-01-19-22h17m05s131

Well first the good. The movement of the film to Nevada and the shifting of the threat to, essentially, anyone makes the film feel marginally fresh. Urm that’s it.

Well then the Bad? Most of it, the plot is awful and written in such a transparent way that events are sometimes signalled from miles away (a tattoo that opens doors…hmmm someone's getting their skin cut off!). The effects are laughably bad on occasion and the gore is very much implied in many cases. The deaths seem to lack an imagination, considering a twist of the film is that this is done for a show the death scenes are so quick and poorly done that, had I been in the audience, I would have been asking for my cash back. vlcsnap-2012-01-19-21h45m19s11

For example the first death (and the only gory one) involves a face being flayed. Just the face. Then its over. This may make you squirm but to be honest its tame. Where is the torture, fingers flayed, bits cut off? I may sound sick but come on, these people are paying to see an extreme show. Its like a knockout in the first seconds of round one! Another death involves a crossbow and an person in a bizarre mask. It takes at least 4 shafts fired before you even get shown where the first impact happened. I am sorry but this is a gore film. I want to see it going in!

The ugly is really the feel and style of the film. It feels cheap, amateur and poorly thought out. I wonder why?

Its out in the US now and hits the UK on Monday but my opinion? Ignore.


Paul out…

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