Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Holiday on the Buses

When deep in the throes of depression what better solution can there be than a lovely politically incorrect British sitcom movie? Nothing I tell thee.

This dose of Un-Pc humour is the third buses film and shows its colours early on with a debagging of a buxom wench. The film that follows is a generic extended sitcom. Its not heavy on the laughs but a lovely way to pass the time with familiar characters in new situations. There isn't a huge amount I can say about the films other then that they are all generally great fun and well worth passing the time with.


In this one Stan and Jack are sacked by the brilliant (and greatly missed) Michael Sheard and accept a job with Pontins driving tour buses. Little did they know that the similarly dismissed Blakey is the new head of security. Throw in some vintage Mullard and a touch of Steptoe (senior) chatting up Stans old Ma and the time flies by.vlcsnap-2012-01-24-14h22m31s123

Its a change from gore anyway.

Paul Out...

PS… Boobs Winking smile


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