Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Underwater Menace (Doctor Who Series 4 Story 5)

Suddenly we have strayed into Bond territory with a story so Bondish it should have had a twangy intro. Instead we have Dudley Simpson twanging away and a bizarre plot involving the draining of the ocean to raise the inexplicably populated Atlantis, but really blow up the planet.

The utilisation of the fish people as as bizarre as the rest of the story, its clear that they are altered humans but are generally treated as scum afterwards…that's when they appear. Its like someone somewhere said “But where are the monsters?” and thus the fishpeople were shoehorned in.

Professor Zaroff is actually excellent, he is totally batshit bonkers and is great at it. It is nice to see a nice simple madman rather then an awfully convoluted plot. Its also nice to see the “Trought” moving at last, oddly the surviving episode 3 manages to entirely dispel the illusion that this story may have fared better had it not been lost. No, no it wouldn’t.

Coming up another largely reconstructed story… we welcome back an old foe in “The Moonbase”.



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