Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nosferatu (1922)

Denn die Toten reiten schnell

Like Metropolis Nosferatu is a pioneer of early Cinema taking the 1897 novel Dracula and adapting it for the silent screen. Permission was not forthcoming to do this so they simply changed some names and locations, Apple would have had a field day.

I loved Metropolis and generally champion early pioneering cinema, as a horror fan I fully expected to love Nosferatu. Did I? The complicated answer is that it has took me 4 days and 3 sessions to watch this. Yes I have given up on this 1hr30 mins film twice. vlcsnap-2011-11-27-19h50m04s197

Sorry to all fans of Nosferatu but if you can point out anything other then the creature of Count Riptoff or the use of shadows to champion this film then I will be surprised. It is dull, overly long, takes a brilliant story and boils it down to … nothing. The acting is horrific with every character seemingly insane and obsessed with facial hair, sets look as if they were knocked up by the second assistant carpenter for a Christmas display and did I mention the awful plot?

This may have been the first stab at Dracula but I don't for a second believe it to be the classic it is toted to be. This is certainly not in the same league as Metropolis, I am not even sure its playing the same game? vlcsnap-2011-11-27-20h21m52s81

In 1922 a shameless attempt was made to rip of the success of the novel Dracula, it was badly done and has gained undeserved cult status.

Preserve this trash for posterity but don't bother watching it.

Paul out…


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