Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Children of the Corn: Revelation (7)

I thought I was free after this, I dreamed of sunlit meadows, the wheat ripening under the spring beams. My family was there. I was home. This was because this is the last film in the children of the corn Septilogy… but…. then I found that there was another. An 8th spawn of evil. GOD WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME? sob sob sob.

Anyway here is the trailer for the PENULTIMATE Children of the Corn movie.

Children of the Corn: Revelation s truly terrible. It has reasonably good acting in the lead role of Jamie played by the sexy Claudette Mink but little else. The threat is awful, the kids terrible, sets are dire and the sense of location non-existent (is this a town, a city, nowhere?) I honestly can find very little positive to say and how on earth they got Michael Ironside on-board to play…well what WAS the point of the priest anyway?  vlcsnap-2011-12-13-12h20m56s70

This movie is a great example of cinema holding on the coattails of its predecessors, at least 666 tried to reference the original. This pig of a film barely mentioned Gatlin at all and the story didn't seem to be linked with it merely a “kill all the cast in moderately inventive ways” slasher flick.

Avoid this stinker. Paul Out…vlcsnap-2011-12-13-12h45m02s191

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