Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Tenth Planet (Doctor Who Series 4 Story 2)

Here we are, it's 1966 and The Doctor is about to die. I decided that this pivotal story should be watched by my children. They knew something was up but I cunningly deflected their suspicions by telling them that it is the first appearance by a certain monster.

The Cybermen initially meet with some degree of surprise. They are apparently a bit rubbish. This changes once we see them properly and the children are obviously VERY unnerved by these singsong voiced giants. Its not just the costumes but their whole manner is outstandingly "alien".

Storywise "The Tenth Planet" is a bit of a pig. Not plotted particularly well and full of psuedoscience (given the involvement of a scientist very odd in itself) its is however a great backdrop to the eventual degradation of The Doctors health and by the time he collapsed in the TARDIS the children were ready for something amazing. I don't think that, even knowing about regeneration, they were expecting the change that occurs. The blurring of Hartnell into Troughton was greeted with genuine shock and surprise. What unsuspecting watchers thought in 1966 I truly have to wonder, I am sure in some households there would have been copious tears. Later, when i suggested watching the next episode while they were at school I was told "Not to DARE". Its a shame it is a reconstruction...

Onwards and upwards, enter Patrick Troughton in "The Power of the Daleks"

Here is that iconic moment of change...

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