Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Loose Screws (Screwballs 2) 1985

A sex comedy with loads of sex and very little comedy.

I am struggling to get a trailer for this one so here is a clip.

Whether this was an intentional sequel to Screwballs I do not know however it does share pretty much the same entire storyline so I guess yes. vlcsnap-2011-11-15-13h14m24s56

This time our four bad boys (different ones) are punished by failing at “Beaver High” and sent to summer school at “Coxswell Academy”. There Hugh G Rection, Brad Lovett, Steve Hardman and Marvin Eatmore try to score with as many of the inexplicably loose women at the remedial boarding school. Particularly the French teacher Miss Mona Lott. All the while they are trying to avoid the wrath of Principal Arsenault and Hilda Von Blow. I wish i was making this up…sadly I am not.vlcsnap-2011-11-15-13h20m03s125

The film is merely marginally amusing but is literally packed to the gills with nudity. As a teen I would have thought it porn! Seriously the first breasts appear about 10 seconds in and way before the titles run. I am actually struggling to keep this post nudity free, so I will not try!vlcsnap-2011-11-15-13h36m33s43

I think this was the problem for me, throughout the film the girls were really depicted at brainless tit carriers and the fact that the only men seen (despite there clearly being more boys arrive) are our hero's make the film really a bit of a slog. You see its all thrust and no tickle. The payoff is free and you don't need to work for it.

I honestly felt like I shouldn't have been trying to watch this one, just finding a good bit and masturbating!


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