Monday, 14 November 2011

Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back

I was (to put it kindly) not a fan of the first “Rest Stop” to recap this is how I summed up..

Avoid Rest Stop, it is truly shit of the greatest order (ordure). As a horror it is weak and ineffective. As a ghost story it is weak and ineffective and as a Texas Chainsaw style freakshow it is a … well what the fuck was all that about anyway?

Paul Out…and avoiding the probably even worse sequel.

Here is the trailer for the film I failed to avoid.

OK, so more of the same….how does it fare?

Quite well actually, don’t get me wrong its not a good film. Rest Stop 2 is trash BUT it does attempt to, and in some cases resolve, some of the glaring problems in the first film. The (male) characters are far more likeable this time around and although the female lead is still vapid and shallow she at least has a degree of “eye candy” going on. vlcsnap-2011-11-13-19h28m53s44

The back story resolution also has the odd effect of making the first film more acceptable, if this had been an intended bi-logy then I would applaud it. As an ad-hoc sequel I am just surprised.

The business with the eyes is pure pap and completely strips the film down to its roots as a silly basic chase and slash movie but unlike the first it is at least minutely entertaining.

If you really feel the need to watch the Rest Stop films do try to watch both. Watching Rest Stop 2 is akin to drinking Urine to remove the taste of Vomit but oddly it is certainly a better film but to understand, it helps to see the first.


Paul Out

PS there are boobs as well.

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