Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Power of the Daleks (Doctor Who Series 4 Story 3)

So as Hartnell was ushered out by the Cybermen, who better to welcome the new Doctor then The Daleks.

On the strength of the latter Hartnell Dalek stories you could be forgiven for feeling trepidation at their return. There really is no need. They are conniving and cunning, using humans to rebuild their ranks and posing as servile creatures. Most of the Dalek behaviour in Victory of the Daleks was taken from here, but Power does it so much better. You can feel the hatred in the Daleks voice as it states “I am your…servant”

Troughton is off to a stunning start here and, despite a terrible copy of the Loose Cannon Recon, the story is fantastic. I imagine it looked great, sadly imagination is all I have due to the insane deletion of the original footage.

Next I take a step into the unknown with a story I have no experience of. Enter James Robert McCrimmon in “The Highlanders”



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