Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Super 8

Oh why, why, why. Like a cheap knockoff PS3 clone from China you promised so much…and delivered so little.

Super 8 is joining that long list of films that should be good but totally fail to be. The cast are outstanding, Elle Fanning in particular. The music and setting (despite a massive list of anal retentive “errors” on IMDB) are wholly immersive and somewhat override the cinematography crimes performed in the name of moviemaking. The review, I am afraid, contains spoilers. I am fine with this as I don’t think the film is worthy of any real protection and not much is spoiled that you couldn’t work out for yourself.

The film started off well. Despite the seeming stereotypes of the “Kids Group” they actually seem believable and until the train crash scene niggles were few and far between. Once we reach the train scene a bloody great lens flare hits you and …oh… its just a film you remember. Then the camera starts jiggling like the cameraman badly needs a piss. This is a terrible thing to do to a film. Filmmakers have spent over 100 years trying to eliminate the very things that Abrams is insisting on deliberately inserting. I am trying to watch a film set in 1979, super techy lens flares and wobbly cameras destroy that illusion for me. super-8-car-lot

Then there is the Alien. Is it nice or is it bad. The clear inference is that by the end of the film you are meant to feel sympathy for the creature, it is simply wishing to go home. Bollocks. It has smashed and killed its way through the town eating the occupants when there are plenty of animals around. It even makes a link to its victims and knows their fear before it chows down…well it hangs them upside down first keeping them fresh and alive! To those that say the it shouldn't be black and white I say this. If the alien Paul and been shown killing and eating humans would we have had any sympathy for him at all? The monster is clearly a Monster and I am afraid that no stiflingly signalled rubbish about a locket will allow me to watch dewy eyed as it escapes!

So there you are. I didn't hate Super 8 although  am growing to dislike Abrams. An interesting idea, the film was poorly executed and showed no clear direction in its motives. The result is an absolute mess of a film that fails to leave any lasting impression other then the feeling that you have been rather dazzled, feel a bit seasick and a nagging feeling that somebody missed the point.super_8_1-650x287

Watch if its on, don't spend money on it.

Paul out.

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