Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Savages (Doctor Who Series 3 Story 9)

The copy of my recon for this story was shocking, I think this is more a reflection on the BBC than the story however as The Savages was actually a very pleasant surprise.

Treading the well worn path of a story of a Utopia built on the backs of the Workers (so well trodden that Metropolis addressed it in 1927) The Savages takes an interesting spin on this in that the elite are literally sucking the life from their subclasses.

The story itself is essentially simple but even on the awful recon it was clear that the execution was excellent, Hartnells Doctor is at his best showing his guile and hiding his indignation, for once not being the blithering fool he was often made to be.

The departure of Stephen is also handled very well with the move seeming natural without signposting it throughout the story. Peter Purves could often be hot and miss with his Stephen but I certainly have a liking for him and will miss him.

The Savages was a surprisingly well hidden gem, its is one of those rare stories that I did not know and am now glad to be conversant in.

Well worth a look, a great 1st Doctor story,


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