Saturday, 15 October 2011

On the Buses (The 1971 movie)

There was no trailer to be found for this one so let the theme tune regale you while you read this!

Surprisingly coming from Hammer the only thing horrific about this surprisingly slick movie is its shocking sexism. Often a theme in the TV series it is truly a smutfest that has no real concept of femininity but, as Dennis Norden was wont to say, “and why not”. For all its treatment of the fairer sex as either battleaxes, sex objects or oxlike cud chewing morons “on the Buses” manages to do one of those rare things in a comedy. It raises some laughs. vlcsnap-2011-10-14-21h06m47s68

Set aside your prejudices and watch “On the Buses “ as it was intended. A silly smutty relic of the 70s following the adventures of sex mad bus driver Stan and his brilliantly observed family.

Well worth a timewasting watch.




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