Sunday, 16 October 2011

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

I am putting my cards on the table with this one.

This film is FANTASTIC.

A. I. Was watched as the final film in Jessicas’ Film Lover Guide Badge filling the Genre of Sci-Fi. The others watched were Animation: Watership Down, Foreign: Spirited Away, Black and White: 12 Angry Man and Musical: Calamity Jane. vlcsnap-2011-10-16-12h00m38s96

I honestly feel that this film is hugely underrated. Often seen as a bit of a pup and failing to reach the heights that Kubrik had planned for it I feel that Spielberg's vision is simply fine. Perhaps part of the problem is that the film is hugely upsetting, but without good cause. We are very effectively told repeatedly that Mechas DO NOT have true existence. The conflicted feeling that we have for them can just seem absurd, after all a computer games AI may behave in just the same way and we willingly kill them. At what point does simulated intelligence truly become sentient?

Despite this, despite the distinct possibility that David isn't even truly experiencing feelings the film still has a huge emotional impact.

I have just had a huge revelation while writing this and it has occurred to me that David cries at the (excellently produced and apt) ending. Something that surely wouldn't happen in a mecha. Perhaps he became human after all…vlcsnap-2011-10-16-12h00m04s20

Just to clear one thing up. There are NO aliens in this film. The end beings are future mecha and this is clearly depicted.

A.I. is a wonderful film and just the thing to make you wonder if innovations such as Siri or Aibo are actually good ideas? After all there is no Silicon Heaven.

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