Saturday, 17 September 2011


As usual this cutting edge blog goes right to the edge with this…15 year old film…urmm.

Bugger it have a trailer.

Should you have lived in a hole for the last 15 years speed is a film about a bomb on a bus. If it drops below 50 BOOOOOM. That's not just it though, Speed is also about a lift and a tube train sections that are almost lost in the general melange of the movie. This is where my gripe starts. The lift section is excellent and leads well into the bus chase which rises to a crescendo…and we relax. The tube scenes almost feel tacked onto the end as the gap between is an almost fatal flaw in the pacing of the film. After rocketing along so well we are jarred to a halt and the movie never really recovers from this. Hoppers, til then, well observed and intelligent character starts to make dumb mistakes and the film seems to simply limp to its conclusion.vlcsnap-2011-09-16-17h46m35s41

Acting in the film is also an issue. Hopper is merely functional and never really shines, Reeves is simply hilarious as a hard bitten cop and Daniels is side lined almost straight away. To not have the bomb expert on the scene seems absolutely bizarre. Sandra Bullock is thankfully excellent however and this helps save the movie.

All these gripes would make a bad movie you would think. Throw in some dreadful physics and you have a movie that really should stink. It doesn't.

Speed is great fun despite the raft of problems, bad acting and weird pacing. I almost wonder what the film COULD have been.

Great fun despite being a terribly made film!


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