Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

I honestly intended not to review this, I love it so tenderly that it would seem biased. But then after spending time thinking about what I could say I realised that I could comment on it. So the short version of the review is that the film is fantastic. The following explains why.

First the trailer.

What make the film special is the sheer level of love and pride poured into it. This is no Bayformers style blockbuster this film is a loving and overall studied rendering of one of the best loved books of all time.vlcsnap-2011-09-06-12h07m33s105

The strength of this love and the depth of Tolkiens work shines through. You can feel that Moria has had a long working life and was a bustling world (instead of just feeling like GGI or a set) Elves feel like a real race, Hobbits likewise are totally believable. The cultural depth of the stories is amazing.

Then there is the set and costume design which both truly are magnificent. So often a costume is simply that, for this film the costumes are instead intricate clothing, there is no detectable level of faux here. Add to this Howard Shores amazing music and you have a truly modern epic. vlcsnap-2011-09-06-12h06m07s14

Of course it isn't ALL good. Yes the film is very long and I find the first half almost soporific, this really cant be avoided as the source is similar! That said, its not boring per se just slow and studied. vlcsnap-2011-09-06-12h08m30s159

I honestly count The Fellowship of the Ring as one of the greatest films ever made and one of the greatest labours of love the film industry has ever produced.

If you haven't seen it WHY.

Paul Out.vlcsnap-2011-09-06-12h06m33s14

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