Monday, 26 September 2011

Graveyard Shift

Such an atmospheric film, the hot cotton picking room, rats gathered around watching. A man on the edge of cracking and losing his temper with them. He is…. oh hang on, its a giant monster flick. Bollocks.vlcsnap-2011-09-25-20h21m15s253

Yes, far from fulfilling the squirm fantasy of killer rats instead we get a strange bat hybrid and a mill with more basements then Cheyenne Mountain Complex. The acting is generally good but the story is terrible and characterisation non existent. Who are these people and why should I care about their plight?vlcsnap-2011-09-25-20h17m48s234

With increasing levels of bullshit and a bizarre fight at the end that is totally at odds with the need to escape Graveyard Shift is a truly odd film. Like so many I have watched recently it could have been so much better. Instead is is merely enjoyable pap.

Barely watchable to anyone with a three figure IQ but oddly mesmerising, have a look. If you want.vlcsnap-2011-09-25-21h40m41s43

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