Friday, 23 September 2011

The Fades (Episode 1)

I am generally not in the habit of reviewing TV series, it becomes tedious and you often find you have little to write about each time. The Fades has moved me to words. Here is the trailer

I have the nasty habit of jumping onto a TV series at the wrong time. I discover things like The 4400 just as the cancellation axe falls. The Fades is odd in that it was on yesterday, for once I am bang up to date!

Filling the little thought niche between sci-fi and horror previously occupied by series such a Hex and …. The Fades is a stylish piece with just the right level of intrigue and ingenuity. With enough originality to raise it above the run of the mill ghost fare and a direction and score that shines with, well, shininess (I must plan these metaphors better) it is engrossing for the entire episode. I look forward to the next one. Of particular note is the characterisation, there are no obvious cues for who will be what, this may change with time of course but the story is managing to pull of the difficult “nobody is safe” feeling.vlcsnap-2011-09-23-21h53m35s182

Unlike Sherlock I jumped onto this one at the start. I look forward to riding it to the end. Well done BBC on producing an original show that is neither tired and linear like Survivors or simply rubbish as in the recent Day of the Triffids remake or the dreadful Outcasts.

My only complaint is the BBCs awful habit of hiding these gems on BBC3. Come on guys!

You can still catch The Fades on iPlayer if you are in the UK.


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