Friday, 2 September 2011

The Celestial Toymaker (Doctor Who Series 3 Story 7)

For many years The Celestial Toymaker was held up as a paragon of classic Who. An innovative and unique story that pushed the boundaries of reality and sci-fi. This is bollocks.

The Celestial Toymaker is an ill conceived mish-mash of ideas that would be shallow in a modern kids TV show. It is a sub Adventure Game romp and is valued way above its worth. I have actually developed a hatred of Dodo and hope she leaves off-screen and unremarked in a few story's time!

Of note is the Toymaker (played by Michael “Alfred” Gough)  who is the only decent thing to come out of this whole sorry mess.

Also of note is the fact the William Hartnell is barely in this one!

Coming up…reputedly the worst story ever. The Gunfighters.



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