Friday, 30 September 2011

12 Angry Men

Chosen as Jessica's black and white film for her Guides “Film Lovers” badge this was chosen because it is a wonderfully acted and epic “small” film.

Here's a trailer.

Its a terrible trailer granted. It implies violence where none exists.

The film, however, is far from terrible. 12 Angry Men is a masterpiece of cinema. Tightly woven with a cast of few (12 + extras!) it mainly occurs in a single room, a hangover from its theatre origins, and tears apart the case of a boy doomed to the electric chair. What is interesting is that the boy isn't proven innocent, far from it, the pivotal fact is that they become unsure that he is guilty.vlcsnap-2011-09-30-10h56m51s186

Revolving around wonderfully crafted characters the film is a tight joy to behold and I champion it as a avatar of all that is missing in todays Hollywood. No explosions, no chases or frantic camera weaves. No blood, gore or dramatic musical spurs. No great need for makeup or special effects. The film is drama at its purest.

There are negative sides to the movie of course. The evidence shifts in a way that can feel contrived (the boy had a truly terrible lawyer!) but the core belief that the truth will out is upheld as a shining beacon throughout.

I see 12 Angry Men as an artform that is almost lost today, cinema will never reach the heights shown here while the curse of Orange and Teal and Bay-esque effects prosper. Forget 3d and spectacle, put 12 men in a room and let them act their socks off and you have a true masterpiece. vlcsnap-2011-09-30-10h56m35s20

Paul Out.

One last thing. If any producers come across this (got any jobs?) that is NOT a cue for a remake or reboot. Leave this film well alone please gentlemen, it is perfect.


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