Sunday, 14 August 2011

Spirited Away

Oddly this was watched as part of Jessica's Guide Badge “Film Lover”. To attain this badge part of the task is to watch 5 films in different genres. I thought it would be interesting to introduce her to foreign cinema and to this end we watched the subtitled version of the movie.vlcsnap-2011-08-14-19h35m47s205

Oddly despite enjoying the film I find I have little to say on it. It does appear overly long and slightly disjointed. It is also rather culturally odd to my western eyes. Animation is good and it is great to see the traditional style that Disney has eschewed for so long.

Acting is excellent and I am glad that I watched the subtitled version so that I could get the nuances of this, the score is also sublime.

All in all I found Spirited Away to be an entertaining, though not entirely as epic as expected, movie.

Worth a look.


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