Friday, 5 August 2011

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Sean is gone, George is the new Bond. Can he fill his boots?


After a nice beach fight over the gorgeous Tracy we eventally get to see the new Bond. Oddly as the books describe him lazenby is far closer to Bond then Connery was. Something doesnt seem right though and this nagging feeling never really subsides. One we launch into the credits however it is abundantly clear that this is a Bondy as Bond gets. Britannia on blue is truly gorgeous.



We are back in iconic bond Girl territory here with Diana Rigg as Contessa Teresa (Tracy) di Vicenzo. There are also several other “Sex” interests in the ski lodge sequences however it is abundantly clear that Tracy is “the one” for James. Her subsequent murder is all the more shocking for the knowledge that she is the only woman Bond has truly loved.



We are surprising low on gadgets here. There is a rather large photostat and safe cracking machine which, even my 10 year old points out, is bigger and slower then the one in the last film. Blofeld has a hypnotising plant but really as gadgets go we are very light in this one.



Loads, we have brilliant car chases epic ski chases and an amazing bobsleigh chase and fight. An outstanding entry into the Bond canon.


Total Bondage

This film should be an amazing Bond flick. As it stands it IS one of my favourites but it is hugely hampered by the loss of Connery. That isn't to say that Lazenby does not do a good job. He is great in the role but he really is not a Connery. The wardrobe department seem to blunder hugely in this film as well. At no point does Lazenby have the suave and cool look that Connery managed and whoever decided to dress him in an orange zip up jumpsuit truly needs shooting. vlcsnap-2011-08-05-14h29m11s19There is also no attempt to explain why Blofeld does not recognise Bond at all. This is the first of the cracks in continuity that will plague Bond films. When you consider however that if they had kept continuity the hero would now be in his 80s this constant rebranding makes sense!

A great film that would have been the best should Connery have been on board and a truly heartbreaking ending.

Paul Out.


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