Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Having seen this in the cinema  I can safely say that I am a firm fan of Digital Projection. This is without a doubt the clearest and crispest film I have seen at the flicks.

Following on directly from part 1 this is very definitely continuation rather than a sequel. Stylistically it is very similar to part one however the image seemed slightly less watered down, perhaps due to the adoption of 3D and its need to rectify the dimming caused by 3D specs.

I watched in 2D as I hate 3D with a passion. My brain hurts and my eyes don't like being told where to focus. Despite a few scenes obviously directed to pander to the 3D the film wasn't written to rely on it luckily.

The biggest flaws in the film are mainly down to Rowlings writing, the book is extremely hard to translate and the concept of the Hallows was totally lost on me. That said the film was also lacking in certain plot points that I thought were crucial (Percy being there at a certain point for example) it also suffered badly from Star Trek syndrome in that it had too many core characters for the screen time needed, resulting in people like Professor Sprout having no lines at all!

Overall though it played its part as a triumphant ending to the Harry Potter story, rolling along at a terrific pace and leaving me only slightly baffled in places. God knows what non readers could make of it!

Well worth a watch or a buy when the DVD arrives.

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