Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Tim what where you thinking?

Gone is the charm of Wonderland instead we have a dreary Underland, washed out colours like every other modern film and a story that has apparently been written while half asleep (what the hell was all that business with the Bandersnatch swapping sides about?).vlcsnap-2011-08-16-19h51m06s55

This isn't Alice in Wonderland this is a shameful knockoff sequel that makes little sense and seems to exist purely to keep computer animators and green screen manufacturers in business.

Danny Elfmans score is simply functional the obvious visual tricks added to increase the 3D (oh fucking whoopee fucking doo) effect are immensely annoying and the end music is totally at odds with the rest of the film. Some massive names also manage to be simply awful (I am looking at you Hathaway and Depp). The plot is places is thinner then the British Governments riot policies and what it looked washed out further with 3D glasses i shudder to think. In fact the only people that can leave the whole sorry escapade with a modicum of respect are Alan Rickman (who would struggle to give a BAD effort) and the costume designers. In all other respects Alice in Wonderland is truly a stinking turd of a film destined to sit next to Robin Williams version of Popeye in bargain bins within the next few years.

Mr Burton where have you gone? Please give us another Beetlejuice or Nightmare, I would even settle for a Batman. Reel in the ambition and release the talent again.




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