Friday, 1 July 2011

The Myth Makers–Doctor Who Series 3 Story 3

No trailer for this one, stay tuned for a VERY special treat though.

As a testament to the ability of reconstructions to work effectively I really struggled with the first part of this story. The Loose Cannon recon was hard to get to grips with and I lost interest quite quickly. Luckily I sourced the Loose Cannon remix of the story (it was one of their forst recons) which is far more enjoyable using the BBC narrated (Peter Purves) audio source.

Its rather an odd story in tone feeling almost whimsical, this puts it at odds with the very nasty things that happen in it however “Carry on in The TARDIS” does manage to pull off a very enjoyable story telling Homers Iliad tale of the fall of Troy in a rather offbeat way.

Notably we see the departure of Vicki and the arrival of the well known companion Katerina. Its full steam ahead a twelve part epic, partly written by… shit. Terry Nation.

Now that treat. The Myth Makers… in its entirety thanks to Loose Cannon, YouTube and chadmoore36.


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