Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Martin (1977)

Martin claims he is 84 years old and a Vampire. he has no fangs, doesn't mind sunlight and the usual wards and magic's don't work.

George A. Romero is responsible for this rather odd entry into the Vampire mythos with the ambiguous story of a boy who is convinced, along with some of his family, that he is a vampire. He urges to drink blood and does this with sedatives and a razor blade.vlcsnap-2011-07-06-10h42m58s116

Martin is a film I truly wanted to like. I found it different and in points intriguing but it struggled to hold my attention. Lashings of nudity helped however boobs cannot hold a film alone. The ambiguity of Martins existence is well handled but there never is a real answer to his story. You leave the film feeling rather unfulfilled and empty, like Romero's Zombie films there never is a feeling of closure or ending and the end result is to make you feel slightly cheated.

I would say that martin is an interesting idea that is well executed, but unfortunately manages to lose some of its interest quite quickly. Without any further indication of whether he is or isn't a true vampire it is flawed and, unlike the Bladerunner replicant debate, his status is truly pivotal to the stories interpretation.

Finally it really doesn't seem to have aged well. The film shows its low budget and constraints and in places feels very strained.
Take a look, don't expect much.

Paul Out


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